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Find hundreds of exciting facts from the history of the world, and explore why each event happened in the past, and how it had influenced the modern world!

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French and Indian War
Did you know that old muskets only allowed two to three shots per minute?
  • 1242 – in the Battle on the Ice, raiding party of Teutonic Knights is defeated by Novgorodian Host.
  • 1250 – Seventh Crusade: Ayyubids of Egypt capture King Louis IX of France in the Battle of Fariskur.
  • 1559 – The Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis treaty is signed, ending the Italian Wars.
  • 1865 – American Civil War: Richmond, capital of Confederate States of America, is taken by the Union army.
  • 1982 – Falklands War begins: Argentina invades the Falkland Islands, thus starting the war.

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