American Civil War, a house divided – this was the bloodiest war on the American soil. Between 1861 and 1865, more than 700,000 soldiers died on the green meadows and in the wildwoods of their homeland. Most of them fought for their home, for what was their culture and tradition – industrial North which headed forwards to the future like a steamship, or patriarchal South, where life was full of chivalry, honor and devotion.

Yankees and Dixies charging agaisnt each other

Christian faith was of extreme importance for both sides – while in the North it took forms of the radical abolitionism, or the desire to immediately liberat all the slaves in America, in the South Christianity was seen as a moral guidance for daily life and a backbone of the traditional patriarchal structure, in which the homeowner, the father of the family, was also a supreme master over all the household, from his wife and children to his slaves – thus literally copying the Biblical social structure.

The source of this war was not in the slavery – but in the conflict of two opposing ideals of life, of two opposing views on society and economy, of two societies, whom nevertheless, had to share the common Congress and the country. Decades before the Civil War were spent in constant conflicts and ineffective attempts to solve those.

United States Confedrate States
Abraham Lincoln Jefferson Davis

The war was proclaimed to be over on May 9, 1865, though minor skirmishes continued for more than a month.